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Pyramid Lock & Safe is your trusted source for safe repairs, safe installations, safe moving, combination changes, safe opening, safe parts, and manufacturing parts.


Pick us to retrofit electronic locks, biometric access systems, electronic access systems, master key systems, and CCTV systems.

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We provide repair services and installations for jewelry safes, burglary safes, B-rated safes, depository safes, home safes, high security safes, and many more.


TL-15 safes, TL-30 safes, TL-60 safes, gun safes, floor safes, wall safes, luxury safes, and vault doors can also be worked on.

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Leave the safety of your bank vaults, fire safes, gaming safes, pawnshop safes, government safes, pharmacy safes, military safes, and movie theater safes to our locally owned company.


Service and installation work is also offered for restaurant and bar safes, hospital safes, and safe deposit boxes.

Safes protect your valuables

You'll be happy to know that all projects completed by Pyramid Lock & Safe are guaranteed. Expect impressive results every time you choose us.


With 30 years of experience, Pyramid Lock & Safe works hard to promptly service your safes and locks. All work completed by our local service team is licensed, bonded and insured.


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